Sammy: Focus on SiC capacity expansion and launch the latest MOSFET products

2022/11/21 17:16:47

Recently, Ansome announced its performance in the third quarter of 2022. Its performance in the third quarter rose sharply, with a total revenue of 2.193 billion US dollars, up 25.86% year on year; Gross profit was 1.058 billion US dollars, up 46.82% year on year.
According to the financial report data, the revenue of intelligent power pack in its three major businesses was 1.116 billion US dollars, with a year-on-year growth of 25.1%; The revenue of the Advanced Solutions Group was 734 million US dollars, up 19.7% year on year; The revenue of the IntelliSense Group was 342 million US dollars, up 44.7% year on year, and the three major businesses maintained growth across the board.
Since Hassane El Khoury, President and CEO of Ansomy, joined Ansomy, Ansomy has carried out a series of strategic transformation, focusing on the two fields of intelligent power supply and intelligent perception, transforming from traditional IDM to lightweight and flexible Fab Liter, and continuously providing customers with high-value solutions through joint efforts.
At present, one of the challenges facing the industry is how to make the part saved in battery higher than the high production cost of silicon carbide chip itself. In this context, expanding production and trying to reduce the cost of silicon carbide chip have become the direction that players in this field strive to promote. In the near future, Ansome has increased its investment and layout in silicon carbide through various ways.
On the recent conference call, Anson Mae announced that the capital expenditure from 2022 to 2023 will account for 15% to 20% of the total revenue, of which 75% to 80% will be used for the expansion of SiC capacity to improve the supply capacity of SiC.
In September this year, Ansenmey announced the completion of the SiC factory expanded in Roznov, Czech Republic. In the next two years, the capacity will gradually increase by 16 times.
In October last year, Ansenmey announced that it would purchase GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT), a silicon carbide manufacturer, with a cash of 415 million dollars. GTAT has accumulated a lot in the silicon carbide technology field. Ansen said that the transaction is expected to better ensure and increase the supply of silicon carbide products. Hassane El Khoury later said that it had been more than a year since the acquisition. Based on the silicon carbide wafer substrate produced by GTAT, in 2022, Ansenmey had already shipped device products. In terms of capacity, based on the investment of Ansomy, the capacity of GTAT will increase by five times by the end of this year.
Hassane El Khoury pointed out that in the future, the SiC market is still large enough to support investment and capacity expansion, and the problem of overcapacity will not be considered too much in the next 5 to 10 years. As for the trend of SiC wafers upgrading from 6 inches to 8 inches, Ansenmey is also focusing on development. In the first quarter of this year, samples of 8 inch wafers have been launched. It is estimated that product certification will be achieved in 2024, and mass production and shipment will contribute to revenue in 2025.
After the multi-party layout, Hassane El Khoury is also optimistic about the performance of SiC. Hassane El Khoury, President and CEO of Ansenmey, said that by 2023, the largest growth of the company will come from the growth of silicon carbide in the electric vehicle market, and this segment of the market will grow faster than other businesses. By signing long-term supply agreements with customer groups, it is expected to achieve a silicon carbide revenue of 4 billion dollars in the next three years.
In addition, it is worth mentioning that on November 17, Ansome announced the launch of a new series of MOSFET devices, which use innovative top cooling to help designers solve challenging automotive applications, especially motor control and DC-DC conversion. The public official said that the device is planned to start full mass production in January 2023.
Fabio Necco, vice president and general manager of automotive power supply solutions of Ansome, said: "Cooling is one of the biggest challenges in high power design. A successful solution to this problem is crucial for reducing size and weight, which is also a key consideration in modern automobile design. Our new Top Cool MOSFET not only shows excellent electrical efficiency, but also eliminates the thermal path in PCB, thereby significantly simplifying the design, reducing size and reducing cost."
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